Who Am I Now?

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As I teach and meet people soon after they have had a stroke, I see so many grappling with the question “Who am I now?”   It’s not an easy question.   So much has changed in so short a period of time.  But it’s question worth asking.

“Who am I now?” could be a question of religious beliefs and those beliefs can and do have powerful effects in life challenging experiences.   That’s not the question I mean.  What I mean is the question that asks how we have shaped our lives and how we will shape our lives from here. Continue reading

Mindfulness and Stroke Recovery

Many people are talking about mindfulness these days, and through careful investigation researchers are showing the potential for mindfulness to help a whole series of health and wellness challenges.  Could mindfulness be applied to stroke recovery?  Yes, it could, and practicing mindfulness as we work with stroke recovery can be very helpful.

What is mindfulness and how would it be helpful?  Continue reading

Coming Home

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In a talk she gave called on lovingkindness Tara Brach, a wonderful teacher in Washington, DC, quoted a bumper sticker she had seen.   She said, “If I lived in my heart, I’d be home right now.”  I like this bumper sticker very much.

I keep thinking about this quote, asking myself,  “Where am I at home?”  Continue reading