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We are the key to our own recoveries!

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We can make a difference in our own recoveries. We can. We are not helpless. But we may not know how we can help ourselves. We may not know that what we do and how we do it matters as much as it does. Here are some things to know:
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Resting Deeply

Until lately when I have paid attention to my need to rest deeply, I have assumed that all I needed was that elusive good night’s

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Who Am I Now?

As I teach and meet people soon after they have had a stroke, I see so many grappling with the question “Who am I now?”  

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Persistence, Not Pressure

Persistence is very important in stroke recovery.   To support our recoveries, we have to be motivated, really want to recover and work hard consistently over

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Coming Home

In a talk she gave called on lovingkindness Tara Brach, a wonderful teacher in Washington, DC, quoted a bumper sticker she had seen.   She said,

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