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Healing into Possibility

Healing into Possibility is a heart-warming personal journey and a universal story that inspires, brings hope, and shares much needed tools and insights into the process of recovery. As others have said, “Alison’s journey reads like a novel. It’s impossible to put down.”

Building a rich life after a devastating challenge is possible. And that life also can be full of joy if we are willing to take on what needs to be done with an open heart. The lessons learned and shared in this remarkable book can help all of us find out for ourselves how to make a satisfying life after a profound injury. Order now from Amazon.

Just for Today

For Alison, the opportunity to illustrate Just for Today was a lifelong dream come true. Little did Alison know that the gentle story Just for Today tells would become a very personal story. With three paintings completed of the seventeen planned for the book, Alison suffered two brain stem strokes and was paralyzed.
Unable to walk, much less illustrate, and deeply saddened, Alison let go of her dream. Instead, she turned her full attention to the process of discovering just what she herself could do each day as she recovered. In doing so Alison discovered unimagined possibilities all around her, including the fulfillment of her dream. Three years after her strokes Just for Today was published.
“By telling her story, with insights at every turn, Alison has provided not just a ‘good read’ but a very important book for patients, families and health care providers who live in the world she has experienced.”
M. Elizabeth Sandel, MD, retired chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center
“This book is a nightlight for times of darkness and loss, enabling each of us to find our own way home to our wholeness and the rest of our lives. Healing into Possibility will remind you of the hidden power in every human being, including yourself.”
Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings
“Reading this book is like being with a friend who is warm, wise, gentle and powerfully insightful – an articulate and really interesting friend who can share with you the profound healing opportunities that can come with unexpected catastrophe.”
Martin Rossman, MD, founder, www.thehealingmind.org and author of Guided Imagery for Self-Healing
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