Our talks are informative, inspiring, heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny as we use our experience in healing and our training to show the power we all have to meet life’s difficult challenges. Each talk celebrates the knowledge that how we bring ourselves to those challenges can transform us, and those around us, and can lead us to unimagined possibilities.

Whether we are speaking to 300 or 30, we tailor what we do to meet the needs of our audiences.  Our talks have included:

  • Healing into Possibility, as part of the Institute of Health and Healing public talk series: The Brain Revealed: From Chemistry to Mystery
  • Turning Towards, a series of talks designed for Jewish Family Services
  • Laughter and Play and Curiosity and Attention for The Redwoods Retirement Community
  • Standing Beside for Saybrook University
  • One Step at a Time for the Virginia Retired Teachers’ Association
  • Befriending Ourselves for the Marin Brain Injury Network
  • Broken Narratives for the Gait Center of Richmond, VA
  • Living Around our Limitations for Rogue Valley Manor
  • Stress Management for Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Well, Well, Well for the Osher Institute
  • Using Mindful Movement for Ellwood Thompson’s