Kate Deaton

When Kate was in her teens she was in car accident that left her with extensive fractures of the left side of her body, pelvis and spine. It was a devastating injury for a teen, but Kate was strong, determined and had already begun to explore mindfulness before the accident. Pinned into traction in a bed and immobile for three months as she healed and rehabilitated, Kate brought her strength, determination and ability to pay mindful attention to learning and working with her own mobility, immobility and safety.

Although she still had significant problems after completing rehabilitation, Kate was told by medical professionals to “be happy” and “satisfied” that she had regained the ability to walk. She was very happy to be standing and walking. And yet Kate believed that recovery would not end with basic movements. So much more might be possible: fluidity of movement; integration of movement, and freedom from pain.

This belief put Kate on a path of discovery. And on that path, Kate learned that the brain and body have remarkable capacities to heal. Whether we experience orthopedic issues, neurological injuries, neurological diseases, developmental issues, pain or the simple process of aging, there is far more that we can do to help ourselves than we may realize.

Having learned to help herself, Kate determined to bring that knowledge to others. Knowing that guidance and the opportunity to practice can be crucial to accessing possibilities, Kate now delights in supporting other people in their own explorations of their potential for health and wellness.

Kate’s training includes a BS in kinesiology , MS in occupational therapy and certifications in coaching, lymphatic therapy, and the neuroplasticity based movement called the “AnatBaniel Method of  Neuromovement.”

Kate can be reached at kate@healingintopossibility.com.